The 100 Black Men of Jacksonville carries out its mission with focus and energy driven by the phenomenal level of member participation and community involvement in the organization’s activities and events. This is further fueled by the success of our young Black males. Although each year is filled with different activities and events earmarked to meet the year’s key goals, the following are some of the ongoing and continuing programs.


All activities of the 100 Black Men of Jacksonville (J100) have mentoring components, and selected members are assigned a Mentee. However, specific program activities have been designed to involve a larger number of youth.

Bernard V. Gregory Scholarship

On April 4, 1997, the 100 Black Men of Jacksonville, Inc., signed an agreement with the Jacksonville Community Foundation to create a Scholarship Endowment Fund for youth who participate in the 100’s programs for at least two consecutive years. All net proceeds for the 100’s Annual “Scholarship Fund Event” goes into the Scholarship Endowment Fund. Download Applications

Project Success

Project Success is a group interaction session for the 100 Black Men and the youth. The 100 Black Men participate in leadership building activities with the youth and interact with the parents of the young men. Workshops and seminars are presented on various subjects including peer pressure, drugs, violence, teen pregnancy and sexual activity.

Men Tackling The Big C

The Men Tackling the Big C Prostate Cancer Support Group (MTBC) initiative is an effort to provide support, awareness and collaboration of resources related to prostate cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The J100 MTBC Prostate Cancer Support Group is the most recent program in the organization’s effort to draw attention to men’s health disparities.